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longer lifecycle

Longer product lifecycles

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Larger revenue streams

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High margin dollars

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No resource investment

Resurgent Manufacturing Services engages with original component manufacturers (OCM's) to enable longer product lifecycles and revenue streams.  Through Resurgent's unique licensing and revenue sharing model, OCM's can receive high margin revenue with no resource investment.  OCM's can also realize the following benefits by engaging with Resurgent:

  • Improve focus on new and higher margin businesses
  • Increase resources on higher value-added activities without adding headcount
  • Decouple pricing discussions on new products from legacy products
  • Increase the longevity of revenue streams from products that may otherwise be EOL'd

Obsolesence is not the only situation where Resurgent can help an OCM's bottom line.

Low margin products, low or no growth products, non-strategic products (either from an aquisition or from a change in corporate strategy) can all benefit from a Resurgent engagement.  Your end customers will be happier, and your bottom line will be healthier by engaging with Resurgent.  Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit.


Licensed Manufacturing

Resurgent Manufacturing Services utilizes a fabless manufacturing model, using foundries for wafer fabrication, and subcontractors for assembly and test.  To the greatest extent possible, Resurgent engages the same supply chain as the original component manufacturer (OCM), including materials, processes, and quality standards. Wafer fab tooling, assembly tooling and test tooling remain the same as that used by the OCM.  Test software is also licensed to maintain consistency of product performance.  The form, fit and function of each product remains consistent with the OCM datasheet.  Product quality is consistent between the OCM and Resurgent.

Customer Service

Resurgent's goal is to allow the end customer to transition seamlessly from an OCM built device to a Resurgent manufactured device.  The need for last time buys, last time ship dates, and re-qualification of a new product are eliminated with the Resurgent model.  By using the same manufacturing flow including manufacturing location, technology, process, tooling, and quality standards, the end customer can be assured that the OCM datasheet specifications continue to be met by Resurgent products.  With no need to re-qualify a new product and an assurance of continued supply, end customers can confidently extend the use of products that may otherwise be removed from bills of materials.


Resurgent Manufacturing Services

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