550MHz Quad Amplifier



The Comlinear CLC2601 (dual), CLC3601 (triple), and CLC4601 (quad) are high-performance, current feedback amplifiers. These amplifiers provide 550MHz unity gain bandwidth, ±0.1dB gain flatness to 120MHz, and 1,500V/μs slew rate, exceeding the requirements of high-definition television (HDTV) and other multimedia applications. These Comlinear high-performance amplifiers also provide ample output current to drive multiple video loads.
The Comlinear CLC2601, CLC3601, and CLC4601 are designed to operate from ±5V supplies. They consume only 5.2mA of supply current per channel. The combination of high-speed, low-power, and excellent video performance make these amplifiers well suited for use in many general purpose, highspeed applications including standard definition and high definition video.

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0.1dB gain flatness to 120MHz
0.01%/0.06˚ differential gain/phase error
335MHz -3dB bandwidth at G = 2
550MHz -3dB bandwidth at G = 1
1,500V/μs slew rate
52mA output current (sufficient for driving two video loads)
5.2mA supply current
Fully specified at ±5V supplies


Video line drivers
S-Video driver
Video switchers and routers
ADC buffer
Active filters
Cable drivers
Twisted pair driver/receiver

Ordering Information

Part Number Package Temp Range Packaging Method Lead Free
CLC4601ISO14X SOIC-14 -40°C to +85°C T&R Yes