High Output Current Dual Amplifier



The Comlinear CLC2000 and CLC4000 are dual and quad voltage feedback amplifiers that offer ±200mA of output current at 9.4Vpp. The CLC2000 and CLC4000 are capable of driving signals to within 1V of the power rails. When connected as a differential line driver, the amplifier drives signals up to 18.8Vpp into a 25Ω load, which supports the peak upstream power levels for upstream full-rate ADSL CPE applications.
The Comlinear CLC2000 and CLC4000 can operate from single or dual supplies from 5V to 12V. It consumes only 7mA of supply current per channel. The combination of wide bandwidth, low noise, low distortion, and high output current capability makes the CLC2000 and CLC4000 ideally suited for Customer Premise ADSL or video line driving applications.

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9.4Vpp output drive into RL= 25Ω
Using both amplifiers, 18.8Vpp differential output drive into RL= 25Ω
±200mA @ Vo = 9.4Vpp
0.009%/0.06˚ differential gain/phase error
250MHz -3dB bandwidth at G = 2
510MHz -3dB bandwidth at G = 1
210V/μs slew rate
4.5nV/√Hz input voltage noise
2.7pA/√Hz input current noise
7mA supply current
Fully specified at 5V and 12V supplies


ADSL PCI modem cards
ADSL external modems
Cable drivers
Video line driver
Twisted pair driver/receiver
Power line communications

Ordering Information

Part Number Package Temp Range Packaging Method Lead Free
CLC2000ISO8X SOIC-8 -40°C to +85°C T&R Yes