Single, 500MHz Voltage Feedback Amplifier



The COMLINEAR CLC1006 is a high-performance, voltage feedback amplifier that offers bandwidth and slew rate usually found in current feedback amplifiers. The CLC1006 provides 500MHz bandwidth and 1,400V/μs slew rate exceeding the requirements of standard-definition television and other multimedia applications. The COMLINEAR CLC1006 high-performance amplifier also provides ample output current to drive multiple video loads.The COMLINEAR CLC1006 is designed to operate from ±5V or +5V supplies. It consumes only 5.5mA of supply current. The combination of high-speed, excellent video performance, and 10ns settling time make the CLC1006 well suited for use in many general purpose, high-speed applications including standard definition video and imaging applications.

Additional information


500MHz -3dB bandwidth at G=2
1,400V/μs slew rate
0.02%/0.05˚ diff. gain/phase error
300MHz large signal bandwidth
5.5mA supply current
5nV/√Hz input voltage noise
100mA output current
Stable for gains ≥ 2
Fully specified at 5V and ±5V supplies


Video line drivers
Imaging applications
Professional cameras
Differential line receivers
Photodiode preamps
Radar or communication receivers

Ordering Information

Part Number Package Temp Range Packaging Method Lead Free
CLC1006IST5X TSOT-5 -40°C to +85°C T&R Yes
CLC1006ISO8X SOIC-8 -40°C to +85°C T&R Yes