Low Distortion, Low Offset, RRIO Amplifier



The COMLINEAR CLC1003 is a single channel, high-performance, voltage feedback amplifier with near precision performance, low input voltage noise, and ultra low distortion. The CLC1003 offers 1mV maximum input offset voltage, 3.5nV/√Hz broadband input voltage noise, and 0.00005% THD at 1kHz. These amplifiers also provide 55MHz gain bandwidth product and 12V/μs slew rate making them well suited for applications requiring precision DC performance and high AC performance.

This COMLINEAR high-performance amplifier also offers a rail-to-rail input and output, simplifying single supply designs and offering larger dynamic range possibilities. The inputs extend beyond the rails by 500mV.

Additional information


1mV max input offset voltage
0.00005% THD at 1kHz
5.3nV/√Hz input voltage noise >10kHz
-90dB/-85dB HD2/HD3 at 100kHz, RL=100Ω
<-100dB HD2 and HD3 at 10kHz, RL=1kΩ
Rail-to-Rail input and output
55MHz unity gain bandwidth
12V/μs slew rate
+80mA, -55mA output current
Fully specified at 3V and ±5V supplies


Active filters
Sensor interface
High-speed transducer amp
Medical instrumentation
Probe equipment
Test equipment
Smoke detectors
Hand-held analytic instruments
Current sense applications

Ordering Information

Part Number Package Temp Range Packaging Method Lead Free
CLC1003ISO8X SOIC-8 -40°C to +125°C T&R Yes
CLC1003ISO8MTR SOIC-8 -40°C to +125°C Mini T&R Yes
CLC1003ISO8EVB Eval Board