Alpharetta, Georgia, January 31, 2023 – Flip Electronics LLC, a leading independent franchised distributor of semiconductor components, today announced the acquisition of Resurgent Semiconductor LLC. Since 2015, Resurgent Semiconductor located in Scotts Valley, CA, has been a leading provider of extended manufacturing for previously obsolete or EOL semiconductor components. The acquisition will enhance Flip’s services and solutions portfolio to accomplish Flip’s mission of “Making Obsolescence Obsolete”.

Bill Bradford, president of Flip Electronics stated, “This is a significant milestone in our history and growth plans. Component obsolescence is one of the major challenges facing manufacturers of legacy equipment. The addition of Resurgent’s extended manufacturing services vastly expands Flip’s offering of end-of-life solutions, allowing us to support customers well beyond their last-time buy dates.”

“The combination of Flip’s financial resources, sales reach, and current authorized supplier relationships will provide a powerful platform from which to grow and scale Resurgent’s business,” said Duker Dapper, Founder of Resurgent Semiconductor. “With proven manufacturing capabilities and business model, Resurgent can leverage Flip’s knowledge to provide win-win solutions for both our suppliers and their customers in EOL situations.”

Resurgent Semiconductor will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flip Electronics and will be known as Resurgent Manufacturing Services. Mr. Dapper will be the General Manager of the subsidiary.

About Flip Electronics

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Flip Electronics has been an authorized distributor of obsolete semiconductors and electronic components since 2015. Flip works closely with their OEM and contract manufacturer clients by considering every aspect of the logistics and supply chain process, delivering exceptional solutions suiting clients’ needs. These services help avoid costly shutdowns and provide customers with confidence in knowing they are not dealing in the grey market. With industry-leading suppliers, knowledge, and supply chain management expertise, Flip assists clients in the sourcing, pricing, and delivery of all their component needs. In addition, Flip’s focus on global trends in manufacturing makes it a leader in the electronics industry.

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